Sunday, July 19, 2009


boring day ...OK WOKE UP EARLY BECAUSE MY NEIGHBORS FELT THE NEED TO BE ALL OUTSIDE OF MY APT TALKING LOUD ASS FUCK I WISH I HAD A AK-47 OR A SNIPER GUN LOL...BUT THEN I MISSED CHURCH JUST CAUSE I REALLY DIDNT WANNA GO THEN WENT TO MY MA HOUSE AND GOT IN THE POOL AND CHILLED WITH MY SISTER AND NEPHEW NICK IT WAS PRETTY FUN EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT I CANT SWIM...LOL THEN I WENT TO STRATFORD AND PLAYED Basketball it sucked because we only won like 1 game out of 8 due to the lack of a team effort even though the teams weren't really even at all. then some lame ass dyke ass bitch started talking shit to me and i wished i was girl so i could have strong armed that hoe lol but i decided to just be the bigger person and just call that bitch ugly the old me would have fouled her when she came in the hole lol i mean when you get on the court you suppose to go hard but i decided not to go kobe on them but next sunday im going off lol kobe will be doin work ...well ebough of that non sense im still thinking about my special chick some people want to know the name ill just call her ummm... ms.pac man

ps. cant get that ice cream paint job song out my head been in there for 3 days now lol yea buddy


A.R. said...

you look so much sexier with your low cut. <3

Cat Hill said...

Reading tht was kinda funny lol

~Cat Hill~

Neesh B Fly said...

hey follow me