Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So, now that im about to take my blogging a little more serious, I've decided to add this new section called Partying & Fashion,and A Day in the Life. Party and fashion is a section where i will talk about the latest trends new lines that are out and talk about events or parties. A day in the Life is a section that will be dedicated to talking about the life of someone local or famous. Just stay tuned.


So now that Recovery has officially dropped i feel i should blog on it. Well first of all finally the old em is back with his straight off the wall type flow. I mean don't get me wrong em is always off the wall but those sick punch lines and lyrical homicide we once heard is back. His last couple of Cd's weren't horrible but i really didn't like them they lacked a lot of the stuff we are use to hearing from him like straight sick story telling. This albums features appearances by artist such as: Rihannna,Wayne, and Kobe. My favs include Love the way you Lie, No Love, Not Afraid, Cold Wind Blows and Space Bound. so if you are faced with the dilemma wheteher to buy ort not to buy I can assure you its a definite good investment.