Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So its that time again October the time of ghouls, goblins, trick and treats witches and bats. . . the time when people tap into there inner child and dress up as there favorite characters or other insignificant being. But for me and the sports nation its the time where we watch for rbi's, home runs, grand slams, steals, upsets and where we watch to see which of our favorite teams will hold on and outlast the other to get to what every major leaguer hopes for the world series this year my teams has made it once again i been a long time Yankees fans through good and the bad the triumphs and the disappointments....but for some reason the way we been playing lately i can just smell another pennant the 26th to be exact Jeter, Rodriguez, Riveria, with the help of new comers texiera, burnett, and sabathia i just know we are about to taste the sweet sweet taste of Championship Victory ! ! !


Phillies V. Rockies = Phillies
Yankees V. Twins = Yankees
Cardinals V. Dodgers = Cardinals
Res Sox V. Angels = Angels